Renowned Ice Age Geologist Hal Borns to Speak at Town Hall June 7 at 7PM

Dr. Harold “Hal” Borns, Jr. will address these and other questions at a special presentation on Wednesday evening, June 7, at Lamoine Town Hall. Dr. Borns is a world renowned expert on glacial eskers, those gravel and sand hills for which Lamoine is well known.

The talk, free to all, is a unique opportunity for Lamoiners to hear how prehistoric natural forces shaped our peninsula, our present geology and what consequences our human activities may have on what nature has given us.

How thick was the ice layer over Lamoine? How long ago did it melt? How did the hills form? Why is this peninsula so different from MDI? Which way does the groundwater flow in Lamoine? Is your well part of this ancient flow? How does the earth purify the groundwater?  Come to hear about this and more. Bring questions.

Eskers: Ice sheets developed melt water tunnels which filled with sediment. After the ice sheets melted, the sediment pockets became our gravel hills. From


 Presented by Friends of Lamoine,

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