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News flash!!  Cousins Hill is protected from being completely removed!  The Maine Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of the Friends of Lamoine lawsuit. This prevents any further mining of the 45 acres of Cousins Hill not currently under permit.  FOL supporters have steadfastly pursued every possible action to preserve the Hill and the aquifer beneath, since 2012.  This latest case has been ongoing since Fall 2017.  (See article “Oral Arguments Scheduled In Cousins Hill Case”, February 22, 2020.)

This Supreme Court decision ends a saga of appeals by MacQuinn, Inc. to overturn lower court rulings in favor of Friends of Lamoine.  It took from July, 2019, to March, 2020, for the Maine Supreme Court to hear the case, and from March until May 19, 2020, for the Town to receive the brief describing their decision.

For a review of FOL’s eight year progress, check past articles on this web site.

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  1. Antonio Blasi May 21, 2020 8:07 pm Reply

    The decision is a first for the Rights of Ecosystems. The mining permit was denied because the operation would threaten the integrity of a significant natural feature. Now there is precedent for municipalities to include this protection in their land use ordinances and planning boards to deny permits because Ecosystems have Rights to Exist and Flourish.

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