New Activity on Cousins Hill

Harold MacQuinn, Inc. recently submitted a renewal application for the Kittredge pit next to Cousins Hill 1-½ year early.  The application is for a continued mining permit and for permission to create a new “haul road” which would involve removal of significant amounts of gravel. You can look through the application by clicking on the link above to read it on the Town’s website. The map on page 166 shows this new road.

The Planning Board, in their March 1st meeting, decided to consider the two aspects of this recent application separately since they involve two different issues, and because the “haul road” is proposed for an area needing to first pass a Site Plan Review.

After the initial review of the application for the renewed gravel mining permit, the Planning Board scheduled and held a site walk on March 16. A Public Hearing  (via zoom) regarding this application is scheduled for Monday, April 5, at 6:30 pm, prior to the PB’s monthly April meeting.  Friends of Lamoine is preparing a statement listing several concerns and recommendations to present at the Public Hearing .

Anyone may watch the Hearing on the Town’s cable channel on Monday at 6:30 or when Stu later replays it, or the meeting can be seen anonymously at any time. You may also request participating in or viewing the Hearing via zoom by contacting Town Hall (667-2242 or to request the link.  You may always contact the Planning Board ( to express your opinion(s) and/or to submit testimony for any Public Hearing.  However for your opinion to be considered during subsequent deliberations on any application, submissions must be made at or prior to the Public Hearing about that application.

The Planning Board will probably address the application for the “haul road” at their May 3 meeting.  If so, a site walk and Public Hearing would be scheduled at that time.

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