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Our group is active in town elections (although we do not endorse candidates), referendums and day to day government. We had a major victory on June 10, 2014 in which Lamoine voted to limit gravel pit expansion. Our citizen’s initiative won by 450 to 268. In November of 2015 our action helped to prevent the adoption of an industry-friendly gravel ordinance by a vote of 425 no to 185 yes. But there’s hard work ahead. Gravel owners have a big budget for legal action and a proven record of ignoring the law. But we know that courts have a deep respect for majorities on ballot questions. We will continue to fight…with your help.

Now Lamoiners, resident and distant, can take a stand against the erosion of our land and property values by becoming members or supporters. Just fill in the form below, copy and paste it in an email to, or print it out and send in to

Friends of Lamoine, PO Box 963, Ellsworth, ME 04605

The cost for membership is $20 annually and allows you to vote at annual meetings for board officers. Supporters may contribute any amount and volunteer for tasks. Both members and supporters will be communicated with by “BCC” or blind email and lists will not be available to anyone besides the Board of Directors of FOL.

At this time we are not pursuing legal non-profit status. This does not mean we are hoping to generate a profit, all funds will go toward our efforts stated above. It means that we can’t offer a tax deduction for your contribution.

Membership form:


Please fill out the form below and send it: electronically to (

Or by postal mail (P.O. Box 963, Ellsworth, ME 04605).

Or sign up at the annual meeting. —We accept Paypal or personal check—

NAME(S) _________________________________________ TELEPHONE____________


EMAIL* _________________________________   Best way to contact you? _______________________________________________________________________

* We prefer to reach you by email, using blind copy (bcc). Addresses are kept confidential.

Please check and answer the following:

___ I wish to join as a member    ___ I wish to join as a supporter

___ I am interested in joining Friends of Lamoine, but want more information before making a commitment.

I/we can help with (see list below) or other comments:




*End of membership form*

Can you help? Here are some tasks you may be interested in:

  1. Attend town meetings.
  2. Write letters and emails to our town officials.
  3. Discuss issues with your neighbors and friends and report to us.
  4. Consider presenting yourself for a town committee membership or run for the Board of Selectmen.
  5. Write comments to our website.
  6. Legal help.
  7. Research help.
  8. Fundraising help.
  9. Envelope stuffing and mailings.
  10. VOTE!


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  1. Sarah White November 7, 2015 9:06 pm Reply

    QUOTE FOR TODAY: “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.” Andy Warhol

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