High Court Rejects MacQuinn’s 3 Motions

On July 1, 2020, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court denied the two motions for reconsideration filed by the MacQuinn legal team on June 1 and 5:

These two motions were in response to the Supreme Court decision on May 19 reaffirming the lower court’s ruling in favor of preventing gravel mining of Lamoine’s Cousins Hill.

On June 16, MacQuinn’s team also filed a “motion to permit trial court action” against Don Bamman who was quoted in the Ellsworth American article of June 4. Don was acting Planning Board chairman during the application process. MacQuinn’s motion claims that Bamman’s quote showed bias, but in order to pursue this matter in Maine Business and Consumer Court, MacQuinn must receive permission from the Supreme Court to proceed.

On July 1, the court also rejected this latest move, saying,

FOL has been told by their lawyer that unless MacQuinn’s legal team can come up with some other way to keep the case alive, there are no more court avenues possible.  It is our understanding that there are now to be actions by the Appeals Board and the Planning Board.  Watch this space for new information.


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