New Aerial Photographs of Lamoine Pits

Stunning new aerial photographs are below. To see them best, download them by right-clicking (Apple: Control-click) and saving. Then open with your favorite picture viewing program, or simply click and open in a new window, then zoom in to see the detail.


The above photo shows Blunt’s Pond and Raccoon Cove in the background with the huge expanse of the Goodwin Pit (top) and one of the Gott Pits at the bottom. The Town’s former landfill is the green oval. Thanks to Bob Deforrest with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and for this photo and two more below, taken Friday, 5/15/15.

A chance encounter by one of us with a member of The Maine Coast Heritage Trust led her to Lighthawk ( and opened up the possibility that we could get some aerial photographs for free. It was fortunate that Lighthawk was already doing another flight over Lamoine, so all we needed were a few more shutter snaps. This allowed us to update what we knew were outdated google images on our flyover.

And this above, the gravel extraction skirting a home on Memory Lane, and next to homes on Mill Road and Route 184, is the new Gott Pit which our Board of Appeals insists does not require a gravel permit. Just a few months ago it looked like this (Google Earth image from 8/31/2011):



Finally, here is a photo showing our Town Hall (center top) now surrounded on two sides by gravel pits. The new Fowler Pit is on top and the older MacQuinn pit is right. Our flyover did not show the Fowler Pit because it didn’t exist.

We have a whole disk of high resolution aerial photos of Lamoine we will be able to use as the need arises. We hope that future photos will show no new pits.


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