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Deer on ice, 5 Feb. 2019, Lamoine.

Oral Arguments

At 2PM on Monday, February 4, FOL’s attorney John Steed made his presentation at Hancock County courthouse before judge Michael A. Duddy. Present were also three members of FOL and Lamoine Selectman Kathleen Rybarz. The consensus among the four was that the day went very well for those who wish to save Cousins’ Hill from being hauled away. Judge Duddy asked specific questions about the “do over” and also the first criterion of the Site Plan Review, Preserve and Enhance the Landscape.

In December of 2017, the Lamoine Planning Board rejected MacQuinn’s Site Plan application based on this criterion as well as three others as stated in the ordinance. The Lamoine Appeals Board reversed the Planning Board’s decision by claiming the four criteria did not apply. A decision is expected in a month or two.


A citizens group initiated a petition to eliminate a loophole in the Site Plan Review which could enable Harold MacQuinn, Inc. to possibly apply for a third time should the court decide in FOL’s favor (see Oral Arguments above). Additionally, old applicants for Site Plan Review permits going back decades could possibly use this loophole to apply again under the old rules.

Petition summary:  

1. To amend the language of the Building and Land Use Ordinance, Amended May 16, 2018, Town of Lamoine Maine, Section 4. Land Use District Requirements, H. Table of Land Uses, Footnote #3 to clarify its meaning.

Action petitioned for:

We the undersigned request the following amendment to the The Building and Land Use Ordinance be put before the voters as a warrant article.

1. Building and Land Use Ordinance, June 10, 2014, Town of Lamoine Maine, Section 4. Land Use District Requirements, H. Table of Land Uses, Footnote #3 to be changed as follows; text bolded that has line through it (a ​strikethough​), to be removed:

3. Land within the Rural and Agricultural Zone that received ​or applied for​ ​a Site Plan Review permit for gravel operations before March 13, 2013, may continue to be eligible for gravel operations upon Planning Board approval of a gravel permit. ​

The team gathered 111 signatures in one week from Lamoine citizens and submitted them on February 4th. The required number of signers is 10% of the turnout for the last gubernatorial election, which was 963 voters. Therefore, the signatures exceeded the requirement by 14. At the February 7 Board of Selectmen meeting it was decided to schedule a hearing for the ordinance change on March 4 at 6:30 PM at Town Hall and the vote will occur at the Town Meeting at the school on March 20, 2019.

Candidates for town offices

There are three candidates running for two open Board of Selectmen positions. The two incumbents are Bob Christie and Kathleen Rybarz and the third candidate is Glenn Manring. Candidate’s night is scheduled for 7 PM on March 14, at the Grange. The election is Tuesday, March 19. Please show up at candidate’s night and bring your questions.

Also on the ballot are two School Board candidates, Bob Pulver and Brett Jones. They are running for two positions and are therefore unopposed. A position for assessor is open with no candidates, but voters will have an opportunity to write in a candidate. Write-ins are allowed for all positions.

Fundraiser for FOL

FOL now has a gofundme site at

The legal expenses of the lawsuit to save Cousins’ Hill are proving to be substantial. Please show your support for saving Cousins’ Hill and make a contribution!


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