Up to the Judges Now

Oral arguments before the Maine Supreme Court in Friends of Lamoine v. Town of Lamoine took place last Tuesday, March 3rd. The Lamoiners who attended reported that the proceedings were detailed and somewhat confusing for non-lawyers. Our attorney, Max Coolidge later said in an email,

Yes we got into the weeds a bit on the procedure. But I feel good about it overall. I don’t ever like to make predictions, but I’m optimistic.

Five of the seven judges asked detailed questions and all seemed genuinely interested in the case. Several knew the expert witnesses who submitted testimony for one side or the other, and all were up to speed on Lamoine’s ordinances.

Some of our members predicted an early decision, but upon further study it is most likely to take weeks or perhaps more than a month before a decision will be delivered to the Lamoine Board of Selectmen. Anyone wishing to hear the proceedings can find the audio at  Friends of Lamoine et al. v. Town of Lamoine et al. The audio will only be available for another week or so.


  1. Nancy louis March 6, 2020 4:29 pm Reply

    Great. Were keeping our fingers crossed
    Thank u for doing all the work
    Let us know what we can do
    Call the judges??? Lol

  2. Ben Whitcomb March 6, 2020 5:38 pm Reply

    I found the proceedings with the Supreme Court judges to be short on substance, but I guess it was all about building a legal platform from which to move forward.

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