Announcements to Concerned Citizens

From Carol Korty:
Dear Fellow Lamoiners:
Two important Town boards are seeking volunteers:  The new Comprehensive Plan committee and the Planning Board.   There are several for the CPC but only two for Planning Board.  As we are all aware, both groups will have a great deal of influence in articulating the future development of Lamoine.  Deadline for submitting names: Thursday, June 26. (The Town website lists names of applicants submitted to date.)
Please think hard about who would be good for the Planning Board. Approach anyone you feel might be a good candidate.  Consider serving yourself.  Attached is the official description of duties.
Two important meetings occur this next week.  Attend either or both, if you can:
  • Wednesday, June 25th, 6 PM:  final session of the Gravel Work Group with goal of submitting their report of suggestions to the Selectboard.
  • Thursday, June 26th, 7 PM: Selectboard responds to report of Gravel Work Group, picks from applicants to serve on Comprehensive Plan committee, Planning Board,  Parks Commission.

We anticipate the SB will also report on their action regarding the Consent Agreement created with the gravel companies request to modify the number of test wells to be drilled and regarding the Stop Work Order which should have been submitted June 13th but was again delayed until receiving advice from the Town’s lawyer.

A strong presence of concerned citizens to ask questions and offer comments reminds both groups that those who voted YES on June 10th expect town boards to take action that reflects the wishes of this large, active group of voters.

Thanks for your continued support. — Carol Korty

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