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Friends of Lamoine advocates the preservation and enhancement of our community and its resources through education and citizen involvement.  We encourage balanced social and economic development that conserves our natural resources and promotes a healthy environment for residents, small-businesses, visitors, and future generations.

On June 10, 2014, you, the voters of Lamoine, made a clear statement to the gravel industry, “Stop New Gravel Pits” in our town. We, the Friends of Lamoine, provided the tools, you sent the message.  The Friends of Lamoine wants to ensure that you are kept informed of efforts to compromise your protections.

Building on a Solid Trend

Our No New Pits campaign built upon a new, more restrictive Gravel Ordinance passed in 2013 in which setbacks were increased from 50 to 100 feet, water monitoring wells were increased to one per 5 acres and re-permitting was tightened up. Several gravel company operators responded with a lawsuit against the town. In fact, one gravel pit operator proposed that Lamoine do away with all local control over this activity.


We invite our friends and visitors to investigate the many issues involved in gravel mining in Lamoine to the extent their interest and time allows.  There are many documents and news items posted here, and viewing them is just a click away.  To stay current on all new information, check out our News page. To read about why we are concerned about gravel mining, read the Gravel page. Please check out our new Lamoine Flyover video. Those who have seen it have been awestruck. Finally, with the looming possible removal of Cousins Hill, we felt it deserved a menu tab of its own.

We value and honor your privacy.  We do not provide subscriber names or email addresses to anyone without their written permission.

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Who We Are:

We are a group of concerned Lamoine residents who volunteer our time to make our town a better place. Please see our Mission page for more detail.  Feel free to contact us with ideas, concerns and suggestions.
Friends of Lamoine    PO Box 963, Ellsworth, ME 04605
Email: friendsoflamoine@lamoine.org
Carol Korty, Kathryn Gaianguest, Walter Jean Grenier II, Lynn Tscheiller and Steven Callahan.
Images info: Taken from Google Earth.
Gravel pit view: ©2014 Google, Image ©2014 Digital Globe. Image date: 9/12/2003 lat 44.472411° lon -68.321491° elev 186 ft eye alt 1006 ft.
Moon view: Image NASA/USGS/JAXA/SELENE Image NASA/ASU lat 23.359240° lon 0.056524° elev -7260 ft eye alt 52.69 mi.

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